Custom Data Integration Software

We offer cost-effective and high quality data integration services.

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Cloud Data Integration

  • Integrate all your cloud and on-premises data with a secure cloud integration platform-as-a-service.
  • Select from tens of build-in most common data integration scenarios such as export, import, data replication, backup and many others.
  • Let us host and manage Integrator for you or install it on-premise and have a full control.
  • Manage your own data integration workflows using simple drag and drop interface.
  • Connect to everything with us.

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Our Products

Data Explorer

Create ETL and data integration scenarios, develop SQL queries and stored procedures, visualize data in any format and in any location.

ETL Framework and Server

Embed powerful, modular and compact ETL framework in your application. Or deploy it to the server and use REST API to execute ETL scenarios.

Integration Agent

Zero-maintenance, easy-to-configure, fully autonomous background service that runs behind company’s firewall and integrates various heterogeneous systems.

Our Services

Custom Data Integration

We will build custom data integration solution according to your specs in no time.

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Hosting and Managed Services

We will install, configure, manage and monitor data integration solution right on

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Cloud and On-premise

We can deploy, configure, manage and monitor data integration solution using cloud provider of your choice or on-premise.

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Premium Support

We will help you develop data integration solution using our products. We will literally write code for you!

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Consulting Services

We will develop a custom software for you based on your specs and our area of expertise.

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Product Customization

We will customize our products using your branding and custom-tailor them to your specific needs.

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