Toolsverse Services

Yes we can. We have experience deploying data integration solutions in the cloud, specifically AWS and Azure. Please read more about our cloud deployment services.
We specialize in data integration and database management but we have experience creating software for different industries. Please read more about our custom software development services.
If requested by client our hosted and managed services can use encrypted connection (SSL)
Yes you can. If not specifically defined in the contract you can cancel service anytime.
We constantly monitor managed services using in-house and third-party tools. If not specifically defined in the contract, we guarantee response within 24 hours.

Toolsverse Products

The ETL Framework is a dual-licensed product. The core components are open-sourced and provided under LGPL license. Small subset of libraries is close-sourced and licensed under commercial license. ETL Framework is free for personal use. Data Explorer is licensed under commercial license.

The software end user license agreement is available here.

Yes you can. Source code of the open source components as well as test suite and build scripts are provided.

Yes you can. You need to purchase a royalty-free distribution license of the ETL Framework.

ETL Server is a web application which can be deployed to the application server, such as Tomcat. It exposes ETL Framework endpoints as a set of REST APIs. Learn more about ETL Server REST endpoints.

If you have a license for Data Explorer and you are not going to re-distribute the ETL framework you don't need to buy a separate license:

License Can use the ETL Framework Can re-distribute the ETL Framework
Data Explorer
ETL Framework license
Yes, you can. A standard 20-day trial period is permitted with the evaluation license.
It will expire after 20 day from the first use.
You will not be able to use Data Explorer or the ETL Framework.
If you wish to extend evaluation period please email to
No, licenses are perpetual. You only need to buy a license once. However, if you wish to continue receiving new versions of the software for free you should renew license on the annual basis using special price.
If you are dissatisfied with our service for any reason within 30 days of your purchase, send us an email and request cancellation of your license. A full refund will be granted to you, no questions asked.
Simply email and we'd be happy to provide a quote.
Yes you can as long as you purchased it for personal use. You need to buy a separate license for each developer.
No. Free support by email is included. By request we offer premium support.
We will help you create ETL and data integration scenarios and we will install, manage and monitor our software. Learn more about premium support.

Gudu Software Products

Because you will save 5%. Toolsverse offers a permanent 5% discount on all Gudu Software products.
We notify Gudu Software within 24 hours (usually instantly). Shortly you will receice a download link from the vendor.
Please contact Gudu Software about refund.