Zero-maintenance data integration service

Integration Agent is a zero-maintenance, easy-to-configure, fully autonomous background service which runs behind company’s firewall and integrates various heterogeneous systems. Out of the box it supports various integration scenarios such as: change replication, incremental backup and bulk load into the data warehouse.

Zero-maintenance, Easy-to-configure

Integration service can be installed on any operation system, runs in background, can be configured by non-programmer and requires almost zero maintenance.


  • Runs as a Windows and Linux service
  • Self-contained, can be installed in minutes
  • Periodically runs self-diagnostics and reports home if there are any problems
  • Can be configured by non-programmer

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Change Replication

Setup change replication between different databases.

  • The most cost effective and easy to use change replication solution in the market
  • Natively supports all major databases
  • Can be configured to be almost real time
  • Extremely fast
  • Can automatically create schema objects such as tables and indexes

Change Replication to Snowflake

Load data from any database or third party system into the Snowflake data warehouse.

  • All benefits of the change replication
  • Natively supports Snowflake COPY INTO
  • Supports parallel load
  • Supports dataset partitioning
  • Data can be loaded directly from the third-party systems

Incremental Database Backup

Incrementally backup any database to the CSV, JSON, XML and Excel files. Copy files to any destination.

  • All benefits of the change replication
  • Wide selection of file formats to backup data into
  • File system, FTP, SFTP, SMTP and S3 as a destination for backup
  • Files can be partitioned and compressed by zip or gzip algorithms 

Load Files into Databases

Load files in various formats and from various locations directly into the databases.

  • All benefits of the change replication
  • Wide selection of supported file formats
  • File system, FTP, SFTP, POP3, IMAP and S3 as a source for files
  • Automatic mapping of the source and destination fields

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